How to feed dogs and how training the dog

Dogs training

Many people want to breed dogs for many different reasons, but dog breeding is not an easy subject.

 He needs experience in applying some specific measures to maintain the health and safety of the dog,

the most important of which is the dog’s diet; As a balanced diet for dogs is very important to maintain their growth and health,

 as dogs must obtain all the nutrients and vitamins important for growth, and they must obtain special vaccines to protect them from various parasitic diseases,

 and follow the veterinarian’s advice carefully, Dogs have different needs for the elements according to their age,

 and the breeder must be aware of these subtle details to protect his dogs.

Dog uses

Dogs are considered one of the most common types of pets among those that humans raise and take care of,

and the origins of dogs are due to the wolf family, but after the man undertook the operations of taming and raising them,

they became pets and coexisted with humans since ancient times, and many people raise dogs mostly with the aim of Provide protection, as well as amusement.

 The proverb is set with loyalty of dogs and their love for their owner, and some use them for hunting and guarding,

 in addition to their use in military operations, past and present.

Feeding dogs

The type of food provided to dogs differs according to the size and age of the dog,

 so the amount of food that should be provided to the dog of a small size differs from that of the old,

and age also plays a major role in determining the type of dog food.

Feeding young puppies

Feeding newborn puppies in the first three months needs careful care; The breeder should start to convert the puppy from the mother’s milk diet to the puppy’s diet gradually and regularly by keeping him away for short and long periods of time from his mother.

The importance of this step is to make the puppy gradually move away from the mother’s care. This process is called weaning, and it is best to start in the third or fourth week.

There is no need to feed the puppy any additional food before weaning, but in the event that the mother is sick and does not produce enough milk,

formula milk or a veterinarian is used for guidance. During weaning, the dog is fed processed foods intended for dogs and moistened with warm water.

Food is presented repeatedly after weaning to maintain the level of blood sugar. If any side effects occur,

 such as diarrhea and vomiting, the veterinarian must be consulted as soon as possible.

Feeding adult dogs

The food provided to adult dogs should be sufficient to meet their energy needs and replace the body’s cells and tissues.

And the amount of food provided to the dog must be proportional to its size and energy,

so that it does not exceed its need and causes diseases resulting from the accumulation of fats,

and is not less than its needs, and it becomes wasted and weak.

 The activity of the dog varies according to its type and movement,

so the educator has to determine the amount of food sufficient for the body of

his dog. The amount of food required for the dog can be determined by the veterinarian,

 and this amount may increase in the winter, or when the dog performs additional activity, or if he has a disease.

It is usually recommended to provide two meals a day for an adult dog, with a time interval of 8-10 hours.

This method helps in controlling animal behavior.

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