German Shepherd dog and Physical characteristics

German Shepherd dog

The German Shepherd Dog belongs to a series of large-sized working dogs that are distinguished by their intelligence,

as this breed was bred in Germany,

to guard and care for a flock of sheep, and also needs an active lifestyle,

and is considered an ideal companion and protector.

Physical characteristics

is distinguished by its double-coat-like fur, as it is thick and dense,

and may be wavy sometimes, and its fur is usually black,

and sometimes mixed with a light redness of medium length throughout the year with some rare species whose color mixes between

white and blue.

is tall and huge, ranging in length from 56 cm to 66 cm,

which distinguishes it for its speed, agility, and flexibility.


The amount of food required to provide a German dog depends on its size,

as the dog lives for a period ranging between ten to 12 years,

and for this it is important to focus on feeding it, and sending it to the veterinarian to determine the size and number of meals that the

dog needs,

while making sure that he drinks clean water and is available He always has it, noting that there are companies specialized in preparing

dog food according to its types, which can be relied upon.


is distinguished by its dedication to protecting its family,

its devotion to it, and its monitoring of any suspicious or suspicious behavior,

especially by strangers, and although it is friendly with other animals,

it may be dominant and resolute with other dogs, and it is noteworthy, It is able to do a lot of tasks.

Health problems of German dog

The German shepherd dog usually suffers from some health problems, which are hereditary in the breed, including the following:

Deformities of the hip joint.

 Elbow tissue defect.

Expansion of the stomach.

Spinal cord abnormalities.

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