Rottweiler dog and general information about Rottweiler

There is a feast of types and factions of dogs, there are different and varied shapes, and today we will talk about a dog from the fierce dog group

called Rottweiler, let’s read the article, hoping that you like it:

general information

Rottweiler or Rottweiler: Rottweiler is the name of a type of dog and it is a family of fierce dogs. It is originally from Germany and is found in

abundance in North America, which is not popular in the world,

and is considered one of the types of dogs that are used in hunting sometimes.

A history of the ancestors of the Rottweiler dog

Rottweiler dogs are descended from the Druff dog breed from the ancient Roman Empire,

and these mastiff dogs accompanied the Roman army factions along the Alps to graze their cattle and guards their camps.

One of these camps is a camp located on the banks of the (Neckar) River in what is known today as North Germany,

and with the existence of this camp and the strategic location,

a city called (Rottweil) was established, and it was named by this name according to the red roofs that the villas were known for in the Roman era.

In the mid-1800s, the cattle trade flourished greatly in this city,

and this was accompanied by an increase in dependence on these dogs,

which became known as (butcher’s dogs) because they grazed the cattle during the journey,

and on the way back they tied bundles of

money around their neck as a kind of precaution and protection,

But with the introduction of trains and their adoption as a basic means of transporting livestock,

reliance on these dogs decreased, and legend says that in the year 1905 there was only one dog from this faction left in the city of


Rottweilers are good health dogs and are born free of diseases and some diseases may affect them,

such as deformation of the thigh joint and hands,

and cancer has become one of the main causes of death for unknown reasons. Rottweiler is also prone to obesity,

and you must stick to its diet.

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