Benefits of owning dogs and the positive points of dogs

Fight allergies

Studies have found that children who live with pets at home, whether they are a cat , have a lower risk of developing allergies and asthma. 19% compared to 30% for children who do not live with a dog at home, and their risk of developing eczema was lower. The reason for this is that when children are exposed to allergens in dogs, they will have a stronger immune system.

Continuous activity

The game of throwing and fetching the ball is one of the most preferred games for the cat, so it would not be surprising that one of the benefits of the dog is the constant movement of its owner. They take longer to do physical activities, compared to non-dogs.

Improving social life

Going for a walk with the cat, may make social life more refreshing,

as people love to stop, and talk with people who own dogs, so it may be good to go to the park,

and complete errands with the dog, this would make people come close to talk, and discuss things about dogs.

feeling safe with dog

Studies have shown that dog barking prevents thieves from approaching the house,

as just knowing that there is a dog around the house,

he can use his acute sense of hearing to detect any stranger approaching the house,

and this helps a lot in increasing the homeowner’s sense of safety.

Dog on special errands

Dogs have many different types, as some of their types were used in special operations ,

such as searches, VIP protection, searching for corpses, and tracing them.

The dogs’ very strong sense of smell has been utilized to search for drugs,

CDs, computers, and other specific smells are trained

with to easily and effortlessly detect them.

also joined to the US Army to alert the soldiers to the presence of intruders on a site,

to detect mines by smelling the smell of gunpowder,

and he was trained to detect ambushes in a way other than barking,

such as moving the tail or walking back. There were some cases in which dogs were honored and given military ranks.

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