Best hunting dogs and Characteristics of hunting dogs

hunting dogs

Humans used hunting dogs for hunting for a long period of time, with the aim of obtaining food and basic human needs,

and later on hunting using dogs became a kind of entertainment and sport,

and it should be noted that the tasks of dogs in hunting are many,

there are dogs whose mission is to chase and track the prey, and another is its function.

Determining the position of the prey and instructing the hunter to it through body language,

and another retrieves the prey that the hunter hunts with his rifle after it fell in a place far from him,

and in all cases the hounds enjoy obedience, loyalty, ease of training,

as well as the ability to deal with humans and other animals.

Best hunting dogs

It is difficult to define a particular breed as the best among hounds;

Because it depends on the type of prey that the hunter wants, however,

a group of dogs can be identified as the best hunting dogs, which are:

Labrador Retriever dog: One of the ideal dogs for hunting ducks, geese, and smaller prey,

such as pigeons and quail, due to its skill in swimming and jumping,

in addition to its high intelligence, friendly nature, and its desire to satisfy the breeder.

 Strong smell, which can hunt in all weather, thanks to its hard outer coat that covers an inner coat that is thick in winter,

and light in summer.

American Foxhound: It is distinguished by its speed and lightness of movement,

and has gained its fame due to its ability to hunt and hunt foxes and deer,

This dog has a natural hunting instinct, as it follows the scent without being instructed to do so,

and is also distinguished by its ability to hunt in areas with rugged terrain. This is due to the nature of his body.

Beagle dog: It is a short-legged dog that is ideal for hunting rabbits, foxes, and young deer.

It is distinguished by its boldness, its ability to track smells,

in addition to its friendly nature and ease of care.

The Golden Retriever Dog: one of the most common hunting dogs, and is characterized by a natural instinct to retrieve prey,

without damaging it thanks to its soft mouth, which makes it an ideal dog for hunting ducks.

Bloodhound dog: is a large hunting dog Size, and it is characterized by a strong sense of smell that enables it to detect the smell,

no matter how small, and it is ideal for hunting large game,

as it was mainly bred to hunt deer and wild boars.

Black and Tan Coonhound: is a hunting dog that is distinguished by its ability to withstand hot and cold climates,

thanks to its short coat.

English Springer Spaniel: It is a highly active hunting dog that specializes in hunting quail and pheasant birds,

and is characterized by high mobility, and a small size that enables it to reach the narrow places that larger dogs cannot reach.

Characteristics of hunting

The characteristics of hunting dogs differ from one type to another,

yet all hunting dogs have common characteristics that make them the ideal animal for this purpose, and among these characteristics:

Activity: Hunting dogs are characterized by high energy, energy, and endurance.

 Training ability: Hounds have a high capacity to train and obey orders. Strong sense of smell: Hunting dogs have a strong sense of smell.

Courage: Hounds are distinguished by their courage and the desire to explore the world around them.

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