How to eliminate dog insects And treatment methods

Consult a veterinarian

You should talk to the veterinarian before making any decisions about dog insects,

tell him if the family includes young children or pregnant women,

and ask him about less toxic treatment options, whether provided by pet stores or provided by the veterinarian himself,

and he should also be asked about the method. Through which it is possible to reduce the risks that may harm the family or the pet.

Use an insecticide treated shampoo

You can clean the dog from insects by following the following steps:

Wash the dog with insect shampoo and rinse it well. Apply an insect remedy monthly,

after talking with the veterinarian to choose the appropriate treatment as described in the above paragraph,

with the help of product instructions written on the package, and when applying the insecticide,

it is advised to wait for two to three days before washing the dog with insect shampoo,

because washing it before that can be To strip the dog of the natural oils needed to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

Flea comb dog insects

The insects can be removed from the dog’s hair by the soft-toothed insect comb,

and focus on the areas to which the insects escape, namely: the face, the neck,

and the place where the base of the tail meets his body, with the comb immersed in water and soap or alcohol solution between time to time to kill the insects that it has picked up.

Clean up the surrounding environment

Getting rid of the insects in the dog is a temporary solution, and the correct thing is to eliminate other insects in the bed, furniture, and carpets as well, which will jump to the dog or crawl to it later. Therefore, all of these things must be cleaned, in addition to cleaning all that is associated with the dog, including cleaning tools and taking care of him, and it is indicated that the clothes dryer can be used in this process after running it at maximum temperature to kill insect eggs, as well as using a vacuum cleaner, while making sure to close garbage bag.

Other ways to eliminate dog insects

Another good way to get rid of dog insects is the following:

Insect collar: The insect collar for dogs can be used after making sure from the veterinarian first that the type used is safe; Because some of them contain harmful and toxic components that can damage the dog’s nervous system.

Insect powder: Insect powder is characterized by its low cost, in addition to its ease of use, and it is available in any pet store, but most dog owners prefer treatments and shampoo over insect powder because its use may lead to dry dog’s skin.

Natural oils: Natural oils can be used to kill dog bugs along with other treatments. By purchasing a special spray that smells of lavender, eucalyptus, rice, or lemon, to naturally repel insects.

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