How to get rid of dog smell at home and Causes of bad breath

The smell of dogs

dog smell are considered pets, which many people prefer to raise inside or outside their homes,

but these animals may emit an unpleasant, repulsive, and unpleasant odor to some,

as this smell may spread throughout the house, if not handled properly,

by By maintaining the cleanliness of the house and the dog constantly,

searching for the causes of these odors and trying to treat them if they are for medical reasons.

Causes of bad breath

There are many reasons that may lead to a bad smell emanating from dogs,

as most of these reasons are due to health problems that the dog may suffer from,

and among these reasons are the following:

Dental problems: Gum and dental problems, such as decay and infections, may lead to an unpleasant smell emitting from the dog’s mouth,

so it is recommended to keep the dog’s teeth constantly clean, or to perform a thorough cleaning at the veterinarian.

Abdominal gases: Dogs may suffer from problems with bloating in the abdomen, and constant gases,

as a result of eating some foods that may cause allergies to dogs,

and in order to treat this problem, the dog’s diet must be changed, after consulting a veterinarian.

Ear infections: The accumulation of many different types of bacteria may cause ear infections in dogs,

which results in emitting an unpleasant odor, so the ear must be kept clean constantly,

and work to dry it well after bathing.

Anal glands: These glands are located next to the anal opening of dogs, and they are responsible for the smell that distinguishes dogs from each other,

and in the event that these glands have some infections, they may cause severe pain,

in addition to the secretion of an unpleasant odor attached to the dog’s fur,

and to treat this problem A veterinarian should be visited.

Sweat: Dogs excrete a lot of sweat when exposed to high temperatures, and the secretion of sweat occurs in areas that are not covered by the fur only,

and one of the most sweaty areas is the area under the foot, and therefore the dog will spread sweat while it walks around the house,

which will cause the spread of the bad smell.

How to get rid of dog smell at home

Many necessary methods and measures must be followed to get rid of the bad smell of dogs that emit,

and spread in the home, and in the following we will mention some of them:

Cleaning hard floors constantly, in order to get rid of hair, lint and dirt that results from dogs, by working on wiping the floors gently and calmly, to prevent this dirt from spreading to other areas in the house,

and then disposing of it by placing it in the trash using the dustpan,

and then The floors are re-wiped again to ensure that this dirt is completely removed.

Clean carpets and home furniture well from hair and lint using a vacuum cleaner,

and curtains should not be neglected as well, so that the special pieces are used to clean them, and care must be taken not to neglect cleaning the corners or hidden areas,

where it is possible for dog waste to collect in it, which results from It smells bad.

After getting rid of the solid waste from dogs, the carpet is cleaned with a special steam cleaner,

in order to get rid of the odors that may still be stuck in the fibers of the carpet,

and it is possible to seek the help of one of the companies specialized in this.

Wash pillow covers, sofa and bed linen in a washing machine,

making sure to dry them well before putting them back in place.

Baking soda helps get rid of odors from carpets and furniture.

It can be used by spraying it in places that emit odors, leaving it for at least 15 minutes, and then vacuuming it.

Apple cider vinegar can be used in the cleaning process, by means of Mix a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar with three quarters of a cup of water,

and then put the mixture on carpets or pieces of furniture, and rub it well with a clean brush,

and then leave it to dry completely.

Scented candles, essential oils, and air fresheners can be used to scent the house and hide unpleasant odors.

It is possible to cover sofas and chairs with fabric covers to protect them, and even to capture and retain smells,

as these covers can be washed in the washing machine on a weekly basis.

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