Belgian dog specifications and Types of Belgian dogs

Belgian dogs

Belgian dogs name includes four types of dogs of Belgian origin, which are: dogs of the Gronendel, dogs of the Quinoys, dogs of the

Malenoys, and dogs of Alterferin, and are characterized by being medium-sized dogs,

and their shape is consistent, reaching a length of between 55-65 cm, and weighing up Approximately twenty-eight kilograms are used mainly to

protect sheep, and they are used at the present time as guarding.

A crossbreeding process for some types of this dog was carried out by the Belgian dog breeder Nicholas Ron in Belgium during the year 1891,

and some species that bear Good qualities.

Types of Belgian dogs and their specifications

Gronendelle dogs

It is the most famous type of Belgian dog, as it is distinguished by its long and dense black hair,

this type of Belgian dog lives for ten or twelve years sometimes, and has a very strong sense of smell,

intelligence, in addition to the ease of handling and training,

and therefore it is considered perfectly suitable to be acquired In homes,

this dog is known as the Black Coat in the Arab countries.

Malenoys dogs

This type of Belgian dog resembles German wolf dogs and German blackjack dogs, and for this it is always wronged,

and considered a dog that is not pure or pure, but a hybrid dog, and its average age ranges between ten years to twelve years, and it is

characterized by being a lightweight, fast dog Movement, and the owner of excellent intelligence,

and is characterized by the speed of training and education, and this is why it is frequently used by police officers,

especially the French police, who use it a lot because of its agility and speed of attack.

Dogs for Kenoys

This Belgian dog is considered one of the dogs of small size when compared to other Belgian dogs, and it is usually used in matters of grazing and

protecting sheep, and it is rarely used in many other tasks,

and this dog is distinguished by the beauty of its shape, its fun and lightness, in addition to being a dog Very social, friendly,

loves being among people, prefers familiarity and family climate, and prefers to play with children without harming them,

and for this it is considered one of the best types that can be brought up in family homes.

Terverine dogs

This dog is considered to be a medium-sized dog, and its average age, like other Belgian dogs, ranges between ten and twelve years,

and this dog is considered a pride for the Belgians, and a motto of greatness,

as it is distinguished by its very beautiful shape, and it is a dog suitable for carrying out many tasks,

such as: participating in hunting, and sharing Police tracker, which is very friendly and intelligent,

and is one of the most common types of dogs among dog lovers.

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