How to raise Husky dogs and Training a Husky

Husky dogs

Husky dogs are among the animals that live from 12-15 years,Husky dogs are considered strong and predatory dogs,

so they are not good for guarding, as they do not like to receive any intruders,

and there are many people who have difficulty training Husky dogs, as he needs strong will,

and for a lot Of perseverance and work, and in this article we will introduce you to how to breed Husky dogs.

How to raise Husky dogs

Social inclusion of a Husky puppy, to teach it how to properly interact with the various environmental aspects in which it lives,

such as dogs and people, which helps it grow.

Allowing him to spend time with others, in addition to accompanying him to the parking lot, to expose him to various sounds and scenes,

while making sure to monitor his reaction to these effects.

He placed him in a nursery from the age of 4-5 months, to teach him how to deal with other dogs.

Enrolling an adult and puppy at the age of 4 months in an obedience and compliance training course,

as Huskies are independent and intelligent dogs by nature, but they may be somewhat stubborn.

Driving your Husky, as he prefers to have a specific leader, and it is possible to control him by controlling the meal time,

making him wait to eat, or by directing him while walking, making him follow you wherever you walk,

and avoiding hitting him to impose control.

Encouraging him by attaching his strap to a bicycle, and letting him pull it, taking care not to do it if the Husky is not trained.

Running, playing with him, which makes it easier to train.

Take it to the yard if you live near a pond.

Surrounding the yard for training your Husky with a fence, in order to avoid his escape, as he tends to escape.

Fill the pits that are dug out with ash, to prevent their recurrence.

A fellow Husky is a social animal that prefers to play.

Allowing him to meet other dogs, so that he could choose his own companion.

Stay away from training it in hot climates, as it adapts abundantly to cold climates,

and it is possible to train it in the early morning during very hot days, taking into account not to stay outside the home.

Entertain him by filling the kung with the food he prefers, and placing a chewable toy next to him to keep him busy,

and to avoid his feeling bored, and it is possible to try the trick of fetching things after throwing them in order to increase mental stimulation.

Providing good food for the Husky twice a day, knowing that he eats a small amount of food,

and avoiding training him immediately after eating, as he must wait for an hour and a half.

Use the brush to clean the dog’s fur, as it is one of the animals that naturally love cleanliness.

Use a bristle brush once a year, to remove dead hair and maintain healthy fur.

Avoid shaving its fur in the summer, to avoid damaging it from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

She bathes him once a year, as she is a clean dog.

Trim his nails once every week or two. Brushing his teeth two or three times a week.

Seeing the veterinarian from time to time in order to confirm his vaccination schedule.

Training a Husky

Training your Husky on his cage, which helps to make home training easier,

and thus he will not want to defecate or urinate where he sleeps,

and it will also make the cage a safe place for him when fear and desire to feel comfortable.

Training him on the neck tie, in order to avoid his impulse to go away from you in order to chase something,

while avoiding pulling the strap strongly, to not encourage him to pull stronger,

and make him smell his tie at home before taking him to walk outside.

Train him on a daily basis for 30-60 minutes.

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