raise pitbull dogs and Feeding pitbull dogs

How to raise pitbull dogs and Feeding pitbull dogs

Pitbull dogs

Pitbull dogs are spread in most parts of the world, especially in America, and it is one of the strongest and fiercest types of dogs, and it is also descended from the canine factions, which is a hybrid dog for the purpose of using it in hunting wild game, then it was used in dogs because of its muscle strength and stubbornness to continue fighting for long periods, It is used to accompany people with special needs such as the blind and those with chronic diseases, and his trainer must be characterized by a wide knowledge of dog temperaments and temperament, patience, self-confidence, and a strong authority.

How to raise pitbull dogs

Buy it four months old and under so it’s easy to handle.

Training him from a young age and intensively; In order to control his ferocity, the beginning is with obedience training, then guarding exercises, and the breeder in this step must be patient.

Divide training into batches, and stop it if the dog becomes bored.

The balance to deal with it between non-excessive tenderness and self-reliance. Have his ears trimmed at a maximum of three months old; It is soft below and this does not cause him to be tortured.

Not to use beatings and torture with him until a dog is obtained and his owner exchanges affection.

Feeding pitbull dogs

The age of three months to six months

Breakfast: Whisk four eggs with a quarter of a kilogram of low-fat milk diluted with warm water, then add a tablespoon of olive oil and four tablespoons of sugar.

Lunch: buy beef or buffalo liver, cut into small pieces of half a kilogram, boil them in water with 200 grams of mixed vegetables, chop and add a clove of garlic, a spoonful of olive oil, a loaf of bread or a cup of white rice.

Dinner: eight tablespoon beans with a boiled egg and a loaf of bread.

The age of six months to a year

Breakfast: scrambled eggs or five boiled eggs, three cheese triangles, a loaf of bread, and a quarter kilogram of milk diluted with water.

Lunch: half a kilogram of liver or boiled meat with 400 grams of mixed vegetables, and a loaf of baladi bread or a cup of rice.

Age of the year

A meal only, which is a kilogram of liver, meat, or boiled brdu structures in the previous way,

taking into account the supply of bread and vegetables.

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