Types of police dogs And the properties of each one of them

Types of police dogs

There are many types of police dogs, including the following:

Short-haired dachshund

It is considered one of the pure breed dogs, and is distinguished by its hard legs and great speed of movement,

and has long and flexible ears, its average age ranges from 12 to 14 years, its weight ranges from 25 to 31 kg,

and its length reaches 58.42 cm, and it is worth noting that it is suitable As a guard dog, too, as it starts barking upon seeing a stranger.

Bloodhound Police dogs

This dog has been used since the Middle Ages in hunting,

and it is considered one of the favorite dogs of the police at the present time,

due to its great ability to smell and distinguish different smells, as its long ears that work to stir odors off the ground help it,

and thus it is the ideal dog to search for Missing persons, or stray animals, and the Hound lives for a maximum of ten years,

and weighs between 36.36 to 45.45 kg, and its length ranges between 58.42 to 68.58 cm.


The origin of this dog goes back to Germany, where it is used as a guard, rescue and guide dog,

and it is medium in size with strong muscles and strong structure, and has shiny and smooth hair,

characterized by its activity, vitality and speed, and the Dobermann weighs between 27.27 to 36.36 kg,

and its length ranges between 63.5 to 71.12 Poison, and its average age ranges between 10 to 13 years.

Root Weiler

The Rottweiler is distinguished by its muscular body structure, strength, in addition to its loyalty and loyalty to its owner,

it is usually used by investigators to solve difficult crimes, and it lives between 8 to 10 years,

and its weight ranges between 45.45 to 59.09 kg, and its length is between 60.96 to 68.58 cm.

German Shepherd dog

The German Shepherd Dog is considered one of the most famous police dogs, due to its great ability to attack,

in addition to its search and rescue instinct, in addition to its love and loyalty to its owner during the performance of duty.

Police dogs

Police forces use police dogs all over the world, as they benefit from their high skills and special abilities,

and these dogs have been divided into several branches, including the following:

Intervention dogs: whose mission is to search for criminals or wanted people for justice, rescue hostages, in addition to controlling chaos and riots.

Explosive detection dogs: These dogs are usually placed at customs and checkpoints to search for smugglers.

Forensic laboratory dogs: they are used to search for corpses, forensic evidence, and to identify criminals. Search and rescue dogs: which rescue people in avalanches, collapsing buildings, and others.

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