Ten strongest dogs in the world


According to the American Kennel Club, these dogs are considered a giant breed,

that exceeds the size of an adult man and has strong, very huge canines,

dating back thousands of years old and in many civilizations,

such as: the Pharaonic civilization, where mastiffs appear on the ancient Egyptian walls since 3000 BC,

and the Greek civilization Julius Caesar mentioned the mastiff in his writings during the British invasion in 55 BC.

Root Filler

Rottweiler dogs are very strong and solid and withstand hard work for a long time,

as they are trained to pull carriages and guard operations, due to their courageous nature,

and their ability to react to danger quickly, as well as used by the police because of their confidence,

ferocity and their bite force of up to 261.48 kilograms per square inch .


The origins of the origin and name of Malino dogs go back to the French city of Malin,

and it is considered one of the strongest dog breeds in the world,

as they have a strong sense of smell that makes them very suitable for working with law enforcement forces as exploration dogs,

in addition to being highly intelligent dogs that are easy to train,

and reach strength Malino bite to an adult man is about 1,344.47 kilograms of pressure per square inch.

Other dogs

There are many strong dogs in the world, including: The Pitbull dog: The Pitbull dog is famous for its strength,

and ferocity in the world, and is known to be one of the most dangerous dogs in the world.

Dogs were previously bred for combat purposes, and through good social upbringing and education,

breed She has a very affectionate side and I’m less dangerous among people.

English Bulldog: They are strong and very solid dogs, despite their size, and they were used to lead flocks of bulls in the past,

yet they are still calm, obedient and good dogs in front of children and family.

Siberian Husky: It is considered one of the strongest mountain dogs that was used by the Chukchi nomadic tribes to transport

goods and people by pulling sleds.

German Shepherd: It is considered one of the strongest and strongest dogs in the world,

and it is used a lot as police dogs due to its strong sense of smell and its strong and solid body.

The Alaskan Malamute: It is a member of the strong Husky breed and is known as the mountain dog as well. It is longer and heavier than the Siberian Husky, reaching between 54-60 kilograms in weight.

The Kangal: It is classified as the strongest dog in the world due to the terrible combination of its enormous size,

its extremely powerful bite, and the fact that it has had to confront very dangerous animals over the years.

Saint Bernard: This breed is distinguished by its large and enormous size, and it is suitable to be a domestic and family pet,

as it is careful companion animals in dealing,

and it was used in the past in the seventeenth century for several things,

including: tracking lost Swiss travelers, providing warmth, and reviving the missing homeless.

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