The largest dog in the world by height and weight

The largest dog in the world by height

The Irish wolfdog is the largest dog in terms of length, but it is not the largest in terms of weight, as the height of the male Irish wolfdog reaches 81 centimeters, and weighs 54 kilograms, and the female’s length reaches at least 76 centimeters, and weighs 48 kilograms.

The Irish wolf dog is a hunting dog that was used to hunt wolves, and it is similar in its physical construction to the greyhound dog except that it is more powerful, and its colors range from gray, dark gray,

reddish brown, black and white, and it has long hair in the eyebrows and chin areas.

The largest dog in the world by weight

The mastiff is the largest dog in the world in terms of weight and not length,

and its name is derived from the Latin word “massivus”, which means huge,

as the height of the males of this breed reaches 76 cm, while the females reach a length of 70 cm,

and range Weights between 54-91 kilograms or more.

The mastiff dog – sometimes called the English mastiff – is distinguished by its elegant body cover,

its black face, and its stubbornness at times, and it is one of the ancient breeds that were used in wars and guarding property,

and in order for this dog to be able to protect the home efficiently it must be combined with family members,

and not leave Chained in the yard, he is a kind and loving dog; No wonder it is called the gentle giant,

and one of its advantages is that it treats children with instinctive kindness and care,

except that its huge size may harm children, or frighten them unintentionally.

The largest dogs

In addition to both the Irish wolf and the mastiff dog, many dog ​​breeds are distinguished by their huge size, including:

Scottish Deerhound

Alkovaz dog

Tibetan Mastiff Dog

Anatolian Shepherd Dog

The Russian Terrier

Saint Bernard dog


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