Information on Boxer Dogs and Caring for Boxer dogs

Boxer dogs

Boxer dogs are also known as the boxer dog, as these dogs are one of the working dog breeds that are distinguished by their short shiny coat, soft hair and wide fame for aggression and intelligence.

It was called boxing dogs due to the strength of its front feet and its high ability in fighting,

as the lengths of these dogs range from 53 to 63.5 cm, while their weights range between 27 to 32 kg,

and this dog is also distinguished by the presence of a black mask on its face.

dogs are very friendly dogs, they are companions who are lively and enjoy wide popularity, as these dogs are characterized by alertness,

agility and suspiciousness when meeting strangers, which makes them dogs that are characterized by a high capacity for guarding,

and also show a wonderful mixture of expressions that reflect mood and activity Attention flexibility,

which is why it has been used in many different works.

How to train boxer dogs

Boxer dogs are one of the best dogs that have activity and the ability to learn quickly,

they are strong and full of vitality, and therefore it may face difficulty in focusing,

and one of the dogs of great popularity with many people, as many people are interested in raising these dogs,

and for Doing one of these dogs must be familiarized with the correct method of training them,

Caring for Boxer dogs

dogs are fun and agile dogs, they are among the most common dogs among humans,

as many own these dogs as pets, and in order to get a Boxer dog it is necessary to know the correct way to take care of it,

dog diseases

dogs are exposed to many diseases such as cancers, heart disease, aortic stenosis, and many others, as these dogs are among the most vulnerable breeds to disease, as about 22% of puppies die before reaching 7 weeks of age, and cancers represent 38.5% of boxer dog deaths, So that it is followed by aging, which represents 21.5%, and then heart disease, which represents 6.9%. They are very sensitive dogs to the stimuli that cause hypotension and bradycardia.

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