Types of small dogs and Feeding young dogs

Dogs and their breeds

small dogs are among the most popular pets for humans, as the dog is a faithful companion of man since it was domesticated more than 12 thousand years ago.

have been used throughout history to perform many tasks, including hunting, guarding,

protecting humans from predators, and protecting and grazing livestock. Dogs are used at the present time to guide the blind and help people with special needs,

and there are specialized dogs that contribute to the work of the police, and some hospitals and homes for the elderly use dogs to relieve the sick and help them recover.

Types of dog are small in size

Small dogs are dogs whose height is less than 18 inches (45.72 cm),

and weighs less than nine kilograms, and many of them resemble the shape of a teddy bear,

and they usually have a strong personality, and need a lot of care from their owners.

Feeding young dogs

Adult dogs generally need to eat a healthy and balanced diet, as each meal must contain all the necessary nutrients,

such as plant and animal proteins needed to build body tissues, fats that provide the body with energy,

maintain hair and skin health, and carbohydrates that provide the body with energy,

It maintains intestinal health because it is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals necessary for internal chemical reactions,

and to protect the body from diseases, and most importantly, clean clean water.

Because dogs are liable to die if they lose one-tenth of their water content.

Some types of food are toxic to dogs, so they should not be served to them, including: avocado, bread that contains yeast,

chocolate, garlic, onions, grapes, raisins, apple seeds, and walnuts. Tea, coffee, and drinks containing caffeine or alcohol.

Small dogs are distinguished by their high metabolism rate,

they burn what they ate in their meal within a few hours,

so young dogs must eat food rich in calories three to four times a day,

and if they do not get enough food, they will suffer from a lack of sugar in the blood,

This leads to weakness, lethargy, and muscle trembling, and may lead to death, as for small adult dogs,

they must eat 40 calories per pound of their weight, and because small dogs usually have a longer life than large dogs,

so it is recommended to provide them with food that contains antioxidants As it grows to protect it from damage by free radicals.

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