Dog vaccinations and Reasons for vaccinating dogs

Classification of dog vaccinations

There are two classifications of Dog vaccinations as follows:

Basic dog vaccinations: They are the vaccinations recommended by the veterinarian for each pet,

and among these are: vaccines against dog tuberculosis, hepatitis, parainfluenza virus, and rabies,

as the rabies virus is a fatal disease for all mammals, including humans.

Non-essential dog vaccinations: They are the vaccinations recommended by the veterinarian based on the lifestyle of the pet

and the environment surrounding it, such as: leptospirosis, kennel cough vaccine, dog flu, and corona virus.

Dog vaccination

Dog vaccination is one of the necessary things that dog breeders must do,

because it is a protection for them from many diseases that can be fatal,

and vaccination is a biological product that is given to the dog to stimulate the dog’s immune system,

and produce antibodies that work to attack disease-causing organisms and eliminate on her.

When the vaccine is introduced into the dog’s body, his immune system is stimulated,

and in the event that the dog is exposed to the disease,

his immune system is ready to recognize the disease and fight it completely,

or reduce the severity of the disease, and the vaccine can cause some mild symptoms such as pain at the injection site,

or fever Or, allergies, and the type of vaccine depends on the dog’s age, medical history,

surrounding environment and lifestyle, so you must consult your veterinarian to determine the type and timing of the vaccination.

Reasons for vaccinating dogs

There are many reasons that make dog vaccination important, and they are:

Prevents many diseases that may affect pets.

Helps avoid costly treatments for preventable diseases.

It prevents diseases that can be transmitted between pets, as well as those transmitted from animals to humans.

Diseases that are widespread in the surrounding environment, such as rabies, can infect unvaccinated pets.

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