The most expensive dogs of the world

He found a list of the ten most expensive dogs in the world, and here are some of them:

The Tibetan Mastiff: This dog has its origins in Tibet, Mongolia, India, and Nepal,

where it was mainly bred for the purposes of protecting livestock from predators,

and it belongs to primitive breeds, because it still possesses the characteristics that enable it to live in its environment It is noteworthy that it is characterized by stubbornness, intelligence,

in addition to extreme sincerity, and is usually acquired by people who belong to the elite class in China,

and it is worth noting that the most expensive dog of this family is known as Hong Dong,

as it was sold to a baron in China for 1.5 million Dollars.

Pomeranian Teacup Pomeranian: They are small, beautiful dogs, who hail from Iceland. So a new trend of breeding these dogs started.

Pharaoh Hound: descends from the oldest dog breeds in the world, where this breed dates back to the year 4000 BC,

and was called the rabbit hunter, and indicated that the Pharaonic was exported to Britain in 1920 AD and returns to the West’s

astonishment with the modern archaeological contributions in Egypt at that time Currently, these dogs are only bred in Malta.

Landseer: These dogs were discovered by fishermen on the island of Newfoundland two hundred years ago,

and they raised them to save drowning people in the seas,

or to help them drag fishing nets. These dogs are distinguished by their black and white color.

Akita: These dogs originated in the northern Japanese mountains, and they exist in two types,

namely: Akita Ken (Japanese) and Akita (American),

and they were used in the past to hunt wild pigs and bears, as they are characterized by strength, independence, and toughness.

Prices of the most expensive dogs of the world

Tibetan Mastiff 7000 $

Akita 4500 $

Rottweiler 2800 – 8000 $

Samoyed 4000 – 10000$

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 960 – 14000$

Canadian Eskimo Dog 7200$

English Bulldog 2400 -3200 $

Löwchen 4800 -8000$

Azawakh 3000$

Egyptian Pharaoh Hound 6500$

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