Types of dogs in the world and Recipes of all dogs

There are many types of dogs in the world and are classified into several types, including domestic animals, including guarding and entertainment.

Australian Shepherd dog

Australian herding dogs are dogs of beautiful shape and high intelligence,

and they like to do a specific task or job, so they are considered ideal dogs that can be acquired,

and they have a high ability to learn tricks in a short period of time.

Portuguese Water Dog

The origin of this breed of dogs goes back to Portugal, and is known for its intense love of water.

The skilled swimmers of these dogs have feet similar to those of geese,

and one of its features is that it does not cause sensitivity to those around it.

American cheetah dog Types of dogs

These dogs are characterized by their very high intelligence,

and they have a strong ability to follow, including what can be able to track its prey for a distance of more than a few miles, and in addition to being friendly and affectionate animals towards their breeders, they have a strong instinct to protect children.

The Alaskan Malmut dog

All Alaskan Malamutes are classified from the family of Spitz dogs,

which are very strong dogs and have the ability to do hard and tiring work,

and are loyal dogs to their breeders, affectionate, love to play and fun,

and its external shape is distinguished by having erect ears, large bones and a furry tail.

Labrador Finder dog Types of dogs

Labrado is one of the most popular dogs, and it is a dog that is distinguished by its cheerfulness,

intelligence, affectionate and gentle dealings with its breeders,

and it does not cause them to suffer from allergies, as for its original home it is Canada and the United States of America.


The Bulldog is considered one of the dogs of high popularity,

and its place of origin is the United Kingdom,

and it is known for being friendly, obedient, and social dogs, but it may be stubborn at times, and it does not cause allergies to those around it.

Other types of dogs

There are many other types of dogs, including:

The Hound, which is native to the United Kingdom.

Poodle dog, which is native to Germany and France.

The golden retriever dog, which is native to the United Kingdom.

Boxer dog, which is native to Germany.

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